• Vancomycin Lyomark.
    Vancomycin Lyomark (50mg/ml)
    Price : 87.5
    Powder for solution for oral administration or for infusion
    Antibiotic-induced pseudomembranous enterocolitis
  • Fluimucil 600mg.
    Price : 45
    Fluimucil 600mg
    Fluimucil 600mg Availble
  • Curavisc®.
    Curavisc® protects cartilage
    Price : 266
    Curavisc is free of potentially allergenic avain
    Curavisc is a natural hyaluronic acid manufactured
  • BENDAFOLIN (10mg/ml).
    BENDAFOLIN (10mg/ml)
    Price : 37.5
    Treatment of anemia caused by folic acid deficiency.
    Pallivate treatment of patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
  • Monuril.
    Active constituent: Fosfomycin trometamol 5.631 g
    Price : 60
  • Bendatreotid.
    Bendatreotid (0.1mg/ml)
    Price : 336
    Synthetically produced
    Prophylaxis for postoperative pancreatic complications following.

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Pharmacon has been in the Egyptian market since 2003 and during the last years there was a lot of challenges that PharmaCon overcome it and stand still to groove the PharmaCon image.

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